Jammu And Kashmir – Where Natural Splendor Surpasses Human Imagination!

Jammu and Kashmir is definitely an angelic mixture of snow -clad mountain tops, rejuvenating gardens displaying colorful flowers, charming ponds, thick forests teeming with wildlife, inviting rivers and wealthy cultural heritage. When you arrived at this magical land, you won’t ever say you have never visited paradise! So when you visit this wonderland, the best place to remain at would be the houseboats. After that you are able to understand the scenic beauty inside a different style with another feel.

Offering luxury inside a traditional style, the houseboats in Kashmir are renowned for beauty and luxury. The majority of the vacationers choose to remain at these floating hotels instead of hotels. And with regards to honeymooners, not one other choice is more romantic than that one. The Dal Lake and Nagin Lake in Srinagar are the best place to remain at in your tour to Jammu and Kashmir. Offering amazing views from the snow-covered mountain tops and myriad lotus floating within the lake, the Dal Lake and Nagin Lake would be the fascinating attractions from the condition.

A multitude of houseboats can be found here, many are highly lavish and some just a little simple. A number of them were established around half a century ago, still retaining their ageless charm. As soon as you walk into the luxurious ones you’ll feel like you’re taking care of your eyes to some showcase displaying your brain blowing Kashmiri handicrafts- exquisitely created furniture, beautiful works of art, colorful carpets, awesome chandeliers plus much more.


Fundamental essentials giant houseboats with three double bedrooms with attached bathrooms, spacious balcony along with a family room. The interiors are adorned majestically.


With two double bedrooms and good facilities, the Khushal come under the 4 or three star hotel category.

Nishat And Kushdil

A large hit with honeymooners, Nishat and Kushdil includes one double bed room with modern amenities.

Gulshan: It provides two double bedrooms having a veranda in-front offering arresting views of nature.

The land of Kashmir provide a unique chance in which to stay floating houses encircled by sheer natural splendor. How heavenly atmosphere! How celestial experience!

Enjoy your holidays in Jammu and Kashmir towards the hilt by planning for a remain in the Houseboats of Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir Tour isn’t worth without experiencing and enjoying the beauty and luxury of their houseboats floating on beautiful ponds. Playing a huge role in Jammu and Kashmir Tourism, the houseboats attract attention of vacationers coming here from everywhere.


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